the most undefinable stench coming from the human body after a night of dropping 40s in the way of a fart
jason: Man, i just killed a rose bush with that beer fart!
by z man March 10, 2005
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Beer farts are the product of drinking too much beer, especially but not exclusively bitter.

They are incredibly smelly and frequent, and make your bum itch.

Beer farts are the worst thing to develop on a date, unless you feel comfortable blaming noxious odours on your partner.
John: "Bloody hell Jim, after those bitters last night I've been farting all morning!"
Jim: "Me too - the beer farts are coming thick and fast!"

What's that smell? Beer farts.

Man: "It's so good of you to agree to go out with me."
{Cue uncontrollable beer farts}
Woman: "Was that you?"
Man: "No you smelly ogre, it was you!"
by Jamie Douglas January 18, 2007
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A beer powered blast of gas from under the ass!
Her rank ass pussy let out a smell like beerfart.(noun)
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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