a slang word for "big pimp" or "great and powerful"
that guys got a lot of chicks. He must be a Hamm
by Hammboner November 21, 2004
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It is a small colony outside of Turkey, where people are particularly adorable.
Is that new kid Jared from Hamm? He is particularly adorable.
by Mufasa Smith January 2, 2012
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When you feel the need to jerk off in the school bathroom you ask your teacher to leave class strip in the hallway and hang your cloths over the stall and jerk off until the teacher realizes you have been gone for 45 minutes so then you get caught cracking a nut in the school bathrooms
I pulled the hammes today at school
by Boozle April 14, 2019
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Acronym for "Hot American MeeMaw". A woman who is old, but totally hot, either because she gives great advice, or because despite being old she is still sexy.
I'm setting Pepaw up with a HAMM.
by Mabel Hodges May 27, 2008
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Quick pronunciation of the command 'Hand me'.
"Hamme the remote, Ima change the channel."

"Hamme the ball Jefferson, you're out of the game."
by Valmeijita November 25, 2009
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