A strong believer, a legend. Outstanding not your typical guy/boyfriend. Take a ride on his wild side.
Rondell is interesting
by Comewithme December 23, 2016
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A god but doesnt love his mexican chile...inspiring rapper who is sitting next to me and is threatening with my life if i put something bad about him. Dark Chocolate who said that he wuld want to wife a bitch wen he finds her.
by Ha....ha! January 10, 2012
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Something or someone who goes up behind you, and startles you, whether in a sexual manner, or in a non-sexual manner.
John and james are playing call of duty.
John: Oh man, where are those noobs?
John gets killed.
James:Yo john, where are they at?
John: They're on your rondel! (meaning they are behind him)

Jack is talking to his friend, Jim about his time last night with his girlfriend, Jill.
Jack: So, last night, Jill came over to mine.
Jim: Really?
Jack: Yeah.
Jim: Hows it going with you two?
Jack: Well, lets just say she may never need to worry about someone taking her up the rondel again.
Jim: (gives a disgusted look)
by Wholeofyear10vic January 24, 2009
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If their named rondel they are a sell. IDC what you say especially if they short bruh then they really be selling.
Rondel you sold
by HelloWhoAmI November 13, 2020
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An alter ego of Kuniva, aka Von Carlisle, a member of the hip hop group Dirty Dozen, originating from Detroit, Michigan.

Rondell Beene can be described as a boisterous, brash, yet somewhat collected public menace, in and out of the music industry and the streets, capable of survival by any means necessary. Don't play dumb with Rondell. He is a self-proclaimed 'pimp of all pimps'. He knows his way in and out of a sanitarium, and has helped shape the fundamentals of pimpin. A potential adversary not easy to trifle with, with a penchant for blasting security guards, and holding individuals hostage, and if not then at least prisoner. Sometimes, he may accidentally kill said hostage.

Rondell Beene has been featured on a handful of recordings spanning most of Dirty Dozen's members' solo albums, as well as albums released collectively under Dirty Dozen.

Kuniva also has another alter-ego, Hannz G. Whether the two are related is currently unknown by this writer.
...in other news, public Detroit menace Rondell Beene has arrived on the motha' fuckin' scene...
by TRWoof August 14, 2018
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A lesser known figure in the pantheon of mythical homosexualists. According to legend, Shaun Rondell, a compulsive nail biter, fell ill after ingesting a small particulate of his own feces embedded in his thumb nail.
We all know Richard Simmons, but have you taken the time to say hello to Shaun Rondell The Ass Pontey?
by Jeremy December 23, 2004
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