3 definitions by Gazzoo

To see a girl who's been pointed out to you, used in beefing at the bar. Short form of the air force phrase Tally ho meaning to have visual contact of a target.
Dude 1: "Hot blonde, big cans, at your three o'clock."
Dude 2: "Tally."
by Gazzoo January 25, 2008
To make eye contact or wink at a girl from across the room, in the attempt to get her attention. From air force terminology meaning to launch an active-radar-guided missile, usually used from long range.
Dude 1: "Hey, tally that hottie at the end of the bar?"
Dude 2: (Makes eye contact) "Fox three. I'm going in."
by Gazzoo January 25, 2008
Going out to the bars to pick up slutty women.
"Going beefing tonight...gotta go pick up some domes."
by Gazzoo January 25, 2008