A sex act in which a man takes a shit and a piss and uses someones mouth as the toilet and after that the man mixes the piss and shit around in with his dick
OOOOOO sex was so great last night we butt fucked and then we did beef stew
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A pile of beef with weird shapes coming out of it...put into a bowl or some inplement for eating. G's nicknames.
corn blue. A named commonly used for those exemplifying that of a "beef stew"
by MEEKOLA November 26, 2006
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When your imagineation breaks, and you cannot create your own fantasies
"let me think of the best thing ever....beef.....stew..."
by sonicchief May 01, 2005
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the act of taking a syrupy, unusually wet diarrhea in a girls mouth, then proceeding to throat fuck that hoe...yea...that just happened
Dude, did you hear about Steve? He totally beef stewed that chick last night;right after he finished, she totally turned around and yammed all over Derek, who they didnt even know was there, what the fuck was he doing?
by James North January 29, 2008
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The name of the greatest dodgeball team to pick up balls and throw them, preferably and peoples head. Having no weaknesses they ran everyones show and had sick nasty headshots
you who we play tommorw billy
son of batch of cookies we have to play beef stew
fuck it broski lets fucking quit cuz i like my face the way it is
by head hunter April 22, 2008
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