A kind of joke that starts with something like "Okay, so these two black guys walk into a bar, and the bartender..."
A Mexican, a black, and a white guy are in a bar having a drink when a good-looking girl comes up to them and says "whoever can say liver and cheese in a sentence can have me". So the white guy says "I love liver and cheese." she says "that's not good enough." The black says "I hate liver and cheese", and she says "that's not creative", and then the Mexican says "liver alone cheese mine."
- that's what you call a racist joke.
by Justin-WN July 11, 2008
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A joke saying something about another race which should not be said but makes people laugh anyway.
First guy: What do you do if you see ure VCR floating in the middle of the night?
Second guy: What?
First guy: Put it down NIGGA!
Second guy: Wow that is some racist joke!
by hoogalyboogalybooROXAN January 25, 2006
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Something white people make when they get into groups
Every time white people get together, they always make racist jokes.
by SiL3Nt J September 14, 2023
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Making racist jokes makes your racist. “Humor” doesnt change the fact that its racist.
by 1928293933992 September 9, 2021
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when someone is so intact with there race they positively influence stereo types freely.
god look at him
yeah i know hes such a walking racist joke
by clever bob July 14, 2010
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