A diarrhea like substance that comes out the anus after farting. Usually by surprise. Similar to the shart, only a little wetter.
"Dude I farted during class and made beef stew in my pants"
by beckerface January 24, 2010
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While taking a shit, the method of pulling your butt cheeks apart, and bouncing up and down on the toilet along with patting your head to get that last peice of poo to fall. Just like getting that last peice of beef from a can of stew.
After a real greasy meal, steve had to go to the bathroom and drop a beef stew.
by Adam October 18, 2004
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A factory located in Detroit, your payment is beef stew bucks to get more beef stew! Many flavors are created to feed your hole family.
Man i just got this awesome beef stew to put i my mouth!
by Beefman44 January 30, 2012
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A runny, messy dump taken right into your girlfriend's pussy.
See also: Oven-Baked Meatloaf, Diarrhea
Could you give me some of your Beefstew?
I'm craving some of your Beefstew.
Do you want to have Beefstew or Oven-Baked Meatloaf, tonight?
by Dang Jacked February 17, 2017
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noun. Person is who is gay and tries hard to fight true gheyness.
verb. To unleash homosexual activity to another.
noun. How could that beefstew have a Jeep?
verb. Please beefstew that n00b.
by moder6545 November 05, 2007
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when a girl/guy is in the act of jerking you off and licking your asshole and you shit into her mouth.
yo this chick was so crazy she didn't care about me beef stewing her.
by The ART BOYZ January 28, 2008
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