the name of all of my pets, former and present.
"is that your dog?".... "yup, that's my beedy"

"who's cat is that?"... "that's my beedy"

"hey beedy quit bein a beedbeedbeed ok beedy"
by beedy February 12, 2013
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a small indian ciggarete rolled by village people in a special leaf. very cheap and good to can get 50 beedi for one dime.
beedi jalaaa behanc!@d........
by sidharth June 6, 2007
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(orgin:Indian) Tobbaco rolled in dried sage leaf. Smaller circumference than ciggarettes, but still packs a powerful punch.
Popular beedies are Taj Mahal, 501 and Sambhaji. Some beedies have cotton filters, most are raw.
by locster82 May 21, 2006
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An amazing hip hop artist originally from New York. He was rated among Pittsburgh's Top Ten Emcee's in 2010. His mixtapes include "Most Slept On," "Sleeping In," and "The Beat Bully." "Most Slept On" was nominated for Mixtape of the Year in the 2010 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards. He is now in the group Varsity Squad with fellow Pittsburgh emcee Jon Quest.
Thing 1:"These lyrics are incredible!""What artist is this?"
Thing 2:"Beedie"
by grouse315 December 9, 2011
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A cigarallo filled with marajiuna.
Pass the beedie, cuz.
by North Side Lokie November 24, 2006
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Slang for a joint or shag...originates from India...pure tobocco cig
hey man..lemme smoke a beedi too
by G June 26, 2003
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