In reference to a booty, levi jeans "501," jeans. so if u say damn that girl has a 501 she has a nice big ass
"Damm shorty check out Lauren's 501."
by Sam February 15, 2005
The area code for central and western Arkansas.
Some Arkansan: I'mma gunna call duh Walmarts phone numbuh. Whut wuz it again?
Siri: Finding recipes for Wall Street Chili.
Another Arkansan: It started wif 501, but I (sounds like aye) don'tn't know whut duh resht of it wuz.
by Humanish September 30, 2020
A party announcement. Could be a small get together or a large all-out bash. In other words, it's going to be fun, so get off your ass and come!
501 tonight at Drew's. They got 6 kegs, the dg's and a couple pool tables. You better be there!
by red_rider April 15, 2004
Reference to the past and-or better days. Old school, vintage, the way it used to be, solid, reliable, dependable.
" things just aint "501" anymore"
by Chill-in Chef May 12, 2009
A pair of jeans or pants, specifically Levi 501's.
Levi 501's

I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s, and a dope beastie-tee, nipple rings...
Lyrics by TOOL
by Mr. BoJanggels November 30, 2006
A word used in the Halo 3 gaming comunity to desribe god
"sparky 501 sentanced me to the abyss, damn he rocks my socks into cocks and they spunk on my feet"
by s98 November 5, 2007