A boy who is your main crush above all, hence ;thing 1; Usually crush lasts a few years, may have know him and previously talked to him, usually has a ugly girlfriend who resembles a guy and therefore makes your friends say you are better looking.
Girl 1- Ughh I have a new crush

Girl 2- Who?

Girl 1- Thing 1

Girl 2- Oh is he your main crush?

Girl 1- Yup
by Thing 1 Expert September 23, 2009
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A Phrase Used Mostly In Philly. It Means "Pop" Or "The Bomb" Or "Super Awesome".
- Yooooo Bruh ! This Weed Is Doin 1 Thing !!
by Cee N. Banqem December 4, 2009
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One of the Cat in the Hat’s alien slaves who does not have a name and is labeled thing 1
Guy 1: Have you seen thing 1
Guy 2: Yeah he’s sleeping in the back of Cat in the Hats flying car.
by EpicLLama May 1, 2021
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