Euphemism for vaginal penetration or insertion as in the act of sex/intercourse by all pleasurable means.

Has nothing to do with a real kitty cat unless it's your type of bestial fetish in which case you must seek psychological help immediately.

Feed the kitty and feeding the kitty are also used.
To feed the beaver one must first have a clear visual of the target, thus a razor and in a rare cases a weed wacker (preferably with an electric motor and a long battery life) is vitally necessary.
by Frotheriffic March 15, 2008
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a tem used to describe the act taken by a stripper when a dollar bill is folded and placed on the flat surface where she is standing (usually a stage)in a triangular shape pointing up, the stripper then proceeds to squat down and picks up the dollar with her hairy little beaver. if the puntang is shaven see feed the kitty
I love playing feed the beaver with Candi at the strip club
by Da Snake August 27, 2006
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To drop a log in the pan.
To shit in the toilet.
Jim: Wheres the toilet? I really need to feed the beavers!!
by Jim-bob April 9, 2003
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