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A furry critter that sits on your face and tries to swallow your tongue.
Mary: It's time to feed the beaver!!
John: Hang on a sec, let me get the lip balm.
by Apocalyptimaniac August 22, 2005

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a bastardized english version of the French word "voila" meaning "there it is"
Often used by morons in an attempt to sound more intelligent than they actually are.
Incidentally, voila sounds phonetically like whala hence the improper spelling.
Just try plugging it back in and opening your software and give it a minute or 2 and whala, music restored.
by Apocalyptimaniac December 28, 2005

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Generic term describing the pain/blister on your thumb from playing long sessions of video games.
After playing the new Mortal Kombat game for 12 hours straight, John had a seriously bad case of Nintendo Thumb.
by Apocalyptimaniac September 24, 2005

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Drinking a large quantity of adult beverages and succumbing to the urge to urinate.
Once I tap the keg, I have to pee after every beer.
by Apocalyptimaniac September 24, 2005

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Pure Fucking Magic
The only explaination as to why something, beyond available knowledge, could possibly work.
The reason why somthing that shouldn't reasonably work, does.
1. To the kids, the gyroscope was PFM.

2. Even though the car was totalled in the telephone pole and ice cream truck collision, the engine still ran because of PFM.
by Apocalyptimaniac August 22, 2006

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