This is a term used as a means of exclamation or admiration when you notice someone has purchased or received a new clothing item.

The exclamation of the word “woahhh” is particularly distinct, and is the iconic part of the phrase. The term “woahh new coat” is primarily used to describe coats, but also other clothing items or even accessories.

Side note, the exclamation of the “woahh” comes from the way the fictional character tony stark says “woahhh” when trying on peter parker’s goggles.

The pronunciation of the “woahhh” is said as “woah-oh-oh” (rapidly so the breaks flow into one woahh)
Woahhhhh new coat! *tugs on someone’s new DLX coat sleeve enthusiastically* Woahhh! woahh new coat!!!

Wow, that’s a woahhh new coat!
by Willeth Slatter April 10, 2019
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What your roommate exclaims when she notices that you've neglected to remove the store tags from the sleeve of your new birthday present!
by tookypants February 9, 2010
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