Beats can have two definitions.

"Beatz" can mean the type of music you would hear at a rave.

It can also be used as an adjective to describe something as being good. (Usually found in Scotland)
"I want to go to a rave and hear all the beatz, man"

"Haw whet, that party wiz pure beatz."
by Chris from the block March 28, 2007
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John "Beatz" Holohan. Former drummer for New York rock group Bayside. Died on Halloween morning (10/31/2005) after the band's van hit a patch of ice at approximately 3:13 AM in Cheyenne, WY, after leaving their Boulder, Colorado show.
After his death many came out in support, many in monitary form to support his wife after his death.
Johnny Beatz was an awesome drummer and will be sorely missed.
by Rachel Horowitz March 10, 2006
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Used to indicate that something will give you a serious beating if you challenge it. Usually used in conjunction with "teh".

Dirk Nowitzki may look like a hayseed but he is teh beatz!

Kurzohrrüsselspringer is teh beatz!

I'm teh beatz - you suxorz!
by Jonas Ivo September 10, 2006
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A disco where 9-14 year olds dance to shit music and meet each other, taking place on a Saturday. Entrance fee is usually extremely high, and it usually takes place in a sports hall in Cork.
"Here, Sophie, are you goin' beatz? I got ya a meet"
by Batzy March 21, 2017
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an excellent hip-hop producer. a not-so-good rapper.
Swizz Beatz: IT'S ME BITCHES!!!
by VN503 August 22, 2009
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The sound produced when a person starts coughing after inhaling copious amounts of Marijuana
*hits blunt

Lekka Local 2 "alarming coughing noises"

LekkaLocal 1: "Yo dude, Sick Beatz!"

Lekka Local 3: "It's aight
by LekkaLocals May 2, 2021
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The act of touching oneself in a private area whilst thinking about the DJ MR.Beatz
"I was a touch lonely last night so I ended up just beatzing off on my own."
by BassHeadz Design May 13, 2020
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