when one shits into a long tube sock, swings it around a little bit to test it, and ultimately slaps someone with it.
ronald's ass got laid down by that mean moist diarrhea whiffle ball sesh last funday!
oh yes he did!
by pattymittens May 4, 2007
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Whiffled Balls: This term defines when your balls get really hot and hang low, or when a male is extremely relaxed, there balls may become whiffled, allowing them to hang low.
"Man my balls are so whiffled right now" or "Damn, this heat is making my balls whiffled" , or " These whiffled balls are practically smaking my knee caps".
by GaG nOt December 2, 2011
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Someone that's easy to tap, like a whiffle ball
All those plastic implants make her even more of a whiffle ball than she already was
by freshhotpockets March 19, 2015
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A combination of marijuana (weed) & caffeine.
A speed ball is coke & heroin but a Whiffle-Ball is caffeine and weed. I don't mess with the hard stuff, let's make a Whiffle-Ball and go to the movies.
by Sweetie-Pie-1968 June 17, 2021
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