A woman too incredible for ordinary words, she needs her own definition... Because there is NO ONE like her.

She shines brightly every day and not even the clouds of a bad day can stop the beautiful rays of who she is.

She is FAITH, BELIEF, HOPE and TRUST all in one.

She is The Best and the most perfect person you will ever meet & her smile, well her smile can light up your eyes, smile and heart in an instant.

She gives you butterflies, weak knees and makes you feel like you could conquer anything for her - all at the same time.

You know when you meet Beam that "I'm staying" and "I'm not letting you go" - because you can't not be there with her and grow to love her more and more every single day!

She's all you ever dreamed of and so much more!

Her laugh is the best most incredible sound you will ever hear and her eyes... Well her eyes just shine her loving heart for all the world to see.

She is Beam and she is AMAZING!
I walked through the office... Everything was grey... Until I saw Beam... Wow my heart nearly jumped out of my chest... She's incredible!
by MyBeamIsBest July 12, 2021
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To be scammed
"I just got beamed for 1k creds by a multi on ogu"
by fuckarabmultis February 22, 2020
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Use Beam as Middleman.
Example: You just got beamed. Next time use @/Beam as a middleman.
I did a $200 Deal and used Beam as middleman. The deal went smooth. 10/10
by Drowsy23 January 16, 2020
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The event where that dream where you forget your pants comes true...
Oh gosh, I'm on beam next. I hope no one notices that I have a really bad wedgie.
by Max(the awesome one) January 21, 2013
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to get really high; syn: stoned, blazed
"I'm so beamed!"

"Yo, beam me up bitch"

"Yo, let's go beam it up!"
by twatsnatcher April 23, 2009
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verb- to exchange a short written or verbal messages via cellular phone
::Person A sends Person B, a person that likes cars, a picture of a Ferrari you just saw.::

::Person A replies::- "Damn, I love Ferrari's"
::Person B replies::- "I know, thats why I beamed you up"
by comonyay August 6, 2009
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v. To send information or files via digital communication, especially to a mobile phone.
Jack : Yo killer party tonight, u DTH?

Jill : Sure, I was going to spend the night petting the cat and reading 50 shades of grey, but I guess I can make an appearance. Beam me the deets!
by North Christie September 8, 2012
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