Slang/short form of "bitch".
That bch thinks she's fkn amazing.
by Mindyy April 29, 2005
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A very small small measurement. Just slighly larger than an RCH.
Man, I missed that hole by a BCH.
by seedym December 13, 2005
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"booty call hours;" late night hours between 12am-4am where one is expected to get a booty call text
Claire: "omg, Pete texted me to come over again"
Lynn: "well are you surprised? it is bch"
by bchogs March 5, 2017
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Blonde Cunt Hair - A very small unit of measurement, slightly smaller than the RCH
Move that switch over just a BCH
by da colonel October 29, 2007
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Brighton charter high school. the place that is notorious for teachers having sex with students.
can't wait to go to BCHS!!
by McCandless, mundy, and kelly November 6, 2009
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BCH refers to "beyond chicken head."

It came from Amanda and Josh over Fall break refering to Story's own level of sluttiness!
-Dude, that girl's sucha skank ho

-Yea she's bch!
by Mickey Mouse January 19, 2005
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