7 definitions by Mickey Mouse

A term describing the act of making freshmen eat doughnuts off of the seniors penises. Often takes place at wrestling camps.
Wanna try our Cambridge Club Sandwhich? It's only $6.99.
by Mickey Mouse October 20, 2015
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BCH refers to "beyond chicken head."

It came from Amanda and Josh over Fall break refering to Story's own level of sluttiness!
-Dude, that girl's sucha skank ho

-Yea she's bch!
by Mickey Mouse January 19, 2005
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An acronym for Sex of Teh Butt.
Anni teh Gay Mouse really loves SotB.
by Mickey Mouse October 14, 2003
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Biggest nutjob on the internet.
Loves "aoldrama", even created a website dedicated to it.
by Mickey Mouse November 21, 2004
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A scholarly dinosaur known worldwide for his knowledge of words of all kind.
The brachiosaurus consulted the wise Thesaurus upon synonyms of "extinct".
by Mickey Mouse June 18, 2003
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