From right before or after midnight through the predawn hours.
The booty call hours apply to every night. Especially after the club.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant September 18, 2006
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Late night hours when women seek out sexual attention from men/women
Cause: alone women at night will come to realize that there in bed with no significant other and start to feel anxious for something to fill the other side of the bed
Matty private snap:"someone should hmu or come over" *picture of her exposed booty"
All the men on her snap: "did you know that a whale has the second biggest dick"
Matty: "oh really?"
All the boys on her snap: "wanna know what the biggest is?"
Matty: "mine"
All the boys on her snap: *fucking dies*
My virgin friend: "that's what called booty call hours when a girl pleads for attention all the wrong way"
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