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1. n. (military) acronym for "bad conduct discharge" as defined by the Uniform Code of Military Justice for US military servicemen, also known unofficially as the "Big Chicken Dinner" as slang for the same discharge.

2. n. acronym for "buoyancy control device" used in scuba diving, a vest that can be inflated or deflated while underwater to control a diver's depth.
1. "Corporal Smith bashed Lieutenant Jones in the fucking pie hole right in front of the general. Stupid shitbird is gonna get his BCD for sure."

2. "Shit, my god-damn BCD has a hole in it. If I dive with this POS on, I'll sink right to the bottom."
by Marc February 15, 2004
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BCD stands for Bareback Cum Dumpster. It is often used to describe an unfaithful Adultress who has had continued unprotected intercourse with a plethora of inferior, degenerate males.
That BCD whore of a wife gave me an STD she got from one of her fuckbois.

The BCD called me to hookup.

I wouldn’t touch that BCD with your dick.

Don’t be such a damn BCD!
by BFCisaBCD November 20, 2019
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Binary coded decimal. A numbering system where each digit is represented with 4 bits.
0 = 0000
1 = 0001
2 = 0010
3 = 0011
9 = 1001
10 = 0001 0000

^You get the idea.
by D1 March 28, 2005
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Blame, complain, and defend. When someone refuses to take responsibility for their own actions.
Teacher: why were you so late to class
Student: you didn’t tell me what time I had to be here today
Teacher: talk about a BCD
by RIPJAH October 20, 2019
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The term originates from the movie Black Hawk Down, where a helicopter drops a Delta Force team to take down enemies. Black Cock Down is when you take down a girl with your cock. You would basically replace "I'd tap that" with "I'd BCD that"
Sean: That girl over there is pretty hot
Derek: I'd BCD that ass
by Sean J. May 4, 2008
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