Being baumed is having been fucked between the inner thighs instead of in the pussy. The girls lays on her side and lubes up her thighs and the guy proceeds to fuck them.
He didn't fuck me last night cause of my crabs, so he baumed me instead
by kcsoccer1121 May 2, 2010
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The TV repair man enters the room with this tool belt hanging loose, the music starts...BAUM CHICKA BAUM BAUM
by Annihalation November 9, 2007
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A slang term for the psychoactive drug methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or ecstasy.
Dude, this kid's taken five baums already, give him some water!
by persuasion__usa December 17, 2008
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Baum is the guy that probably fucked your wife while you were sitting on urban dictionary
Baum- pounding your wife daily
by Donfugalot May 8, 2021
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A large dingus used to provide women with throat custard.
Mary said that Mike had a Big Baum!!
by REPEATOFFENDER June 9, 2008
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100% without a doubt the coolest guy you'll ever meet. 99% Muscle and above average penis size.
Cameron Baum is fucking dope man
by Peaenut December 10, 2018
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An alcoholic beverage made of unreasonable ingredients.
Did you see the quadruple espresso Brit dropped into her beer last night? What a Baum Bomb!
by MarcusA June 6, 2017
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