Someone paid or in service to protect and/or do the physical hardships of another.
"Joe's got a hired muscle outside his bar"
by Alex April 28, 2003
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To muscle is to pack some kind of weaponry; usually guns.
I'm up in some pussy, up out there muscle (ing) with uzi's- Rick Ross
by Gdub13 July 04, 2009
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Having alot of muscle, atheletic build.
Jim works out at the gym everyday. He is so muscleful!
by cherry emery October 21, 2007
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When your veins have collapsed from so much IV drug use so you have to inject the drug into your muscle.
His veins are so f'ed up that he's muscling his heroin
by IlIlIlIIIlIlllIl April 24, 2020
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a tissue that is specialized to undergo repeated contraction and relaxation, thereby producing movement of body parts, maintaining tension, or pumping fluids within the body.
I be bangin' dat ho so long, her taint broke now I be slippin' in da wet paper bag muscle
by Flamin' Raymond Green July 17, 2008
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to overcome someone with physical force.
Grant had a whiskey and decided to muscle his girlfriend.
by AC March 11, 2003
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