A sexual phenomena in which the friction between the pubic regions of partners during intercourse causes the pubic hair to spontaneously light on fire, resulting in a noxious odor and a burning hot sexual experience
My torrid love affair with Enrique resulted in a trip to the hospital after his fervent thrusting caused me to have a burning baum bush.
by myburningpudenda November 14, 2006
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Also known as the JCB, the Jewish Car Baum is created when you combine a shot of cognac with a healthy amount of Manischewitz wine as a chaser. Please don't get this confused with an Irish Car Bomb, whose name is, indeed, derived from the JCB. Note that since it is a "Baum" and not a "bomb," the brave soul drinking this mess does not necessarily have to drop the shot into thier glass of Manischewitz. For the cognac, the creators recommend Courvoisier, because it makes you feel like a pimp.
Orheez: What drink has the highest reward of getting you hammered but also the greatest risk of causing you to vomit?

Slick: The Jewish Car Baum!

CZA: Aww damn, I'll get the camera and the trash bin.
by djd21 February 19, 2010
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A wonderful day of festivities which involve making the life of E Baum a living hell. Such festivites include but are not limited too backpack flipping, revealing of his small weiner, and the forking and tping of his house. Also see Baumakah
may 5th is harrass baum day! i cant wait! we gonnna give that poor boy hell!!!!
4000 forks baby!!!
by tobaditsnotmyname May 1, 2005
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The smell of a filthy demon infested witch after committing an act of spiritual violence against an inanimate object (or person).
It smells like ucky ducky doodleberg baum in here, open a bible.
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The one guy who stopped TikTok from being called the world's stupidest site.
by Pspspspspspsps January 19, 2021
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