Gay person. This is the word used in jamaica. Where gays are murdered and not welcome.
"Gway battyboy, mi no want u ya! bomboclaate!"
by Ken Bailey July 25, 2008
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a gay person, who love to "bat" the anal area with his genitals.
by SexIsADrug February 26, 2003
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someone who may not be gay,but dresses and acts that way
he looked like a battyboi.
by donia+maria September 20, 2003
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Boys who pretend they arent gay but every chance they get they bum and touch each other into a spaff fest.
Joel and Lee are blates battyboi's innit
by ceara January 22, 2007
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Calling oneself gay in a derogatory manner. Used to refer only to the speaker.
What is a word that describes you best?

by pleasureman785 November 19, 2021
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