it means your some one who takes it up the arse from another man. or that you are just a homo sexual in general. It is used as just a sleur most of the time.
Ahhh you iz a batty boi
by Mitch Smith46w45645 February 24, 2009
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A gay or homosexual man. batty being your butt, if your a bayyt boy, it means you are a boy who likes it up the but
Ali G: Your a batty boy, you like it up the batty
by Piemanthe3rd December 29, 2004
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A Chavier way to spell or pronounce Batty Boy, or Gay.
Ahhhhhh maaaaaaate you is one batti boi.
by whitey047 September 18, 2008
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Used in West Indies to refer to someone who is either a homosexual, or is suspected of being a homosexual. Usually is an insult. This is of course a very dangerous situation. See also batti boy and chi chi man. There are many more names. If you are still confused, listen to an Elephant Man CD.
by Titty25 June 12, 2004
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Batty boy or Battyman is a derogatory term used in Jamaica, Belize and the rest of the Anglophone Caribbean to describe a gay man.
Zika is a Batty boy but he denies it...
by geckonium June 9, 2006
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a man who likes to take other men's beasts up his batty.
by Vahid March 30, 2004
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A term that can be commonly heard being used by Chavs and Rude Boys on London's streets as a plain insult or as a derogatory term for a gay person, often directed at members of the public because they won't surrender their mobile phone.

The term is believed to have been brought by Jamaican migrants to Britain, which along with the term Chi Chi man is designed to denegrate homosexuals.
Chav or misled youngster: Gimme your phone posh boiii. Walk Awayy batty boy (t is often not pronouced, instead replaced by a glottle stop)
by Winston_fist June 10, 2005
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