(Slang exclamation).An abbreviation of the adverb form of 'blatant'.
She is blates trying to look cool about it.
by polkadot jigsaws in the bath September 16, 2008
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Used as a replacement for yes, of course, blatently, i agree, why not or anything in the affirmative.
GW Bush should so be kicked out of the White House...blates!

Oh yeah, blates!
by k8 May 5, 2004
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A bastardisation of the word blatently. can also be used as a greeting.

Is also occasionally found in the form "blah-tah-ge", see byah tah fahl
C: Hey zoe

Z: Blates

C: Want to feed the ducks?

Both: Blates!
by k82 May 20, 2004
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a shortened version of the word 'blatently' used in street context
"you is blates peng as ote babe"
by iOwnAids May 17, 2010
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as in blatantly but different
domerat1 "u gonna come toony loons tonite?"
domerat2 "blates- wheres the skunk gone"
domerat1 "fuck it, lets go to southbank and jack off over that girl with no tits who walks around in a bra"
domerat2 "care to give me a little help"
by ilovextc September 26, 2003
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Use it to say Way (much more)short for blatently
Zoey is blates cooler than you mate
by KittyMeowMeow August 28, 2006
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To be a bait (as in obvious), and blit(as in high) while being high.
Wow man, how blate are you

Better not go home yet your really blate.
by Fubar69 May 8, 2008
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