65 definitions by Victor

Cousin to the dirty sanchez, This manuever is done by inserting three fingers into the womans anus, and then rather than smearing it under her nose, you smear it under her eyes like warpaint of the navaho indians.
I gave that bitch a raunchy navaho
by Victor December 9, 2004
When one takes a dump in a girl's mouth and her mouth has seran wrap so she only gets the heat not the meat.
I gave that ho a vegetarian hot lunch!
by Victor May 21, 2003
A great being of immense magical powers. Once rumored to have ruled the mighty universe. It is believed that it at one time, it wasn't satisfied with its position and decided instead, to become a sweet, delicate angel, while retaining its power. We exist only to wait and see it emerge and reveal those latent powers to us. We have yet to see either.
Hi Tongyan! Wazaa?! (Because, it could be anyone...)
by Victor February 9, 2004
Border town in south Texas with a population of 200,000 and a small minority of illegal immigrants; city is overwhelmingly made up of Hispanics (95% approx.) -- it's fine if you don't live in the shitty parts. Still a historical place, and one of the oldest cities in Texas. Only real way to make good money is the oil industry or import/export.
Raqem should shut the hell up about Laredo.
by Victor February 4, 2004
A handheld microphone-like device used by those whose voiceboxes are either damaged or have been removed due to cancer of the larynx or other conditions. Usually, they stick the device up to their throats, and speak -- the vibrations are carried to the device, which turns those vibrations into an audible voice. It sounds very electronic when they speak, and sometimes they even scare the children...
James has an electrolarynx and he sounds like Darth Vader.
by Victor June 9, 2006
OI is "Portuguese" definition that means Hi.
Oi Carla (Hi Carla).
Oi Mae, tudo bem? (Hi mom! How are you?)
by Victor December 5, 2003