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A nigga that gets all the girls unless they get a lot of like then he only gets nudes he doesn't chase girls unless they start with a t but he can be a player if his main acting out
Tayshaun don't chase no girl
by Ticklewacker76 December 27, 2016
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His mom will never give you the WiFi password to KFC, but Tayshaun's a good kid... he also is the kind of person you'd see in his weirdest moments whenever you encounter him.
Person 1: Why is Tayshaun slapping his dong on a radiator?
Person 2: That's racist
Person 1: what?
by GreenSplooge October 29, 2015
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a person with a tiny dick and tiny balls and acts like a faggot
Guy: "Hey you see that guy over their."
Chick: "Yea, i date him."
Guy: "Did you know he acts like a faggot."
Chick: "Yea I date him just so I can take pics of his tiny dick its hilarious!"
Guy: "OMG he acts like a Tayshaun."
Chick: "IKR!"
by JEFFERYBOBBOT November 15, 2016
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