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is a guy that has more than one girl and he plays them to get what he wants and they cant know about the other girls
that guy is with 3 girls he just uses them for rides money and sex
by C-jay November 14, 2003

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Just like u've got the cell in Biology
and as u've got the atom in Physics,
u've got "battle" as the core of Hip-hop.
Hip-hop without MC's battling on the mic or DJ's battling on the turntable is incomplete!
If u're doin' rap and u ain't got no battle, it's like u're in a boat and u ain't got no paddle.
by C-jay May 04, 2005

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Like a player or playa the difference is all of a PIMPs girls/guys know about each other and their eather just in it for sex or to make money
Look at that guy/girl walking with those 4 girls/guys they must be a PIMP
by C-jay November 14, 2003

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