a term used for when a female twirls her tongue around a mans penis (especially the knob) when giving oral or twirls her head around while a mans penis is in her mouth.
gus heard sue gave great head but when she turned out to be a baton twirler, he realized he found "a keeper".
by dakevster July 30, 2008
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During oral sex just as the man is about to cum he yanks his cock out of her mouth and as he is jizzing starts cock slapping in a circular, twirling motion.
Girl 1: So how was that new guy??

Girl 2: Well, he was amazing until he started Ohio Baton Twirling.. He got jizz all over the place!!

Girl 1: THe Ohio Baton Twirler!?!? Oh My God!!!

Girl 2: I Know!! I'm still cleaning jizz out of my hair!!!
by Stumbling_Bears May 9, 2009
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When you stick your testicles in a girls mouth and flop your semi-erect penis on her face while sayin, "Huh huh huh!" with a french accent
My girlfriend has an attraction to French accents, so last night I gave her a French Baton Twirler
by BassSpike October 15, 2011
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"Yo did you hear them baton twirlers!?"

"Ya that one twirler told the other one he had better bring it next week at the regional qualifier event so that fool said,'Oh its already been broughten girlfriend!!!' snapped his fingers at him and everything."

"Oh its on now!"
by Jeramiah2 April 2, 2007
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