To be a fuckin moron and continue to be annoying everywhere, unwanted by everyone.
"Huh huh"
"You suck"
by Joe Low Low June 16, 2009
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the laugh of a teenage male between the ages of 13 and whenever they decide to become mature. usually has longish, shaggy hair the he refuses to comb and/or wash.
Girl: "Hey Adam, what's up?"
Adam: "huh-huh-huh-huh"
by alyssuh! April 19, 2007
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when somebody get crossovered in basketball
1) it can be used in a normal way when the crossover is just cool

2) or u can use it (with a pause between the 1st HUH and the 2nd and at the same time u move your arm slowly acting like you crossovering somebody) when the crossover is kinda sick
1) lory: yo have u seen what D-wade did on ray allen last nite???

max: ya son he gave him the HUH HUH

2)DAMN!!! he gave him the HUH.....HUH (crossover move)
by cheetostothemax23 June 3, 2011
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"He who shall remain nameless" was caught playing with his "huh-huh" to World of Warcraft; the video is on youtube.
by primordialturdspelunker April 19, 2007
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A cheeky way of talking about a vagina, without letting people know.
Boy = Hey babe
Girl = Come feel my muh huh huh
Crowd = wtf?
Boy + Girl = ;)
by Muhuhuh lover December 16, 2011
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When you’re so confused the only person that can help you is Gandhi .
Person 1: what did you get for question eight

Person 2: India

Person 1: Huh huh Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi: yeah he’s right sorry dude
by Bam shaka boom May 29, 2019
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an affectionate phrase used to deflate the awkwardness of a previous statement.
I heard your cousin Sheila has an STD

Buh huh huh!
by curt February 22, 2004
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