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The best people will have this name. It is the guy that is shy but once you get to know him the coolest guy ever.
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by Puny Gym guy June 25, 2017
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Very sweet and caring. Very understandable. Loves everyone unconditionally. Tries to be the life of the party and is easy to make friends with. Has the prettiest eyes ever. Generally the most perfect boy to walk the planet. A Gus is always there for you, and loves to be with you. The perfect boyfriend. Just plain amazing.
"Did you see that boy hug her over there?"
"Oh he's gotta be a Gus!"
by Ilovemygus September 11, 2011
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Someone who falls asleep at random times, even while taking a shit.
Gus falls asleep where ever the fuck he wants.
by Avalanche9000 October 21, 2017
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Someone with a big butt and boobs and a Gucci fetish who lies about anything and everything.
Jane: Gus said we're getting married

Haley: Really? Gus just asked me to marry him too. What a liar!
by Notnim August 29, 2019
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a bitch. just a plain bitch. always gets fam-zoned and everyone is isn’t a girl or gay hates them. has major problems and does gay shit(fr). yacks in your basement and does/says gay shit.
"damn that dude is a GuS"
"stop being a GuS"
"i’m gonna yack.Bro"
by goos July 21, 2019
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A fat add with hair that is all narly and in curly knots. He definitely does not comb it and it smells like BO like he does. and is in desperate need of a boob reduction.
Jane is that Gus over there?
Yes Sophie it is. You can tell by the stringy hair
He's been following us all night
by Notnim August 26, 2019
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A Gus is a person that you will only meet once in a life time, his height is probably around 6'10 and weighs around 350 pounds, a Gus is a person who likes sports,Whiskey,and hunting. A Gus is a person who will care for friend or foe no matter what! He would lay down his life for others.
Gus is a good man.
by TitanFall June 13, 2018
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