Purposefully incorrect use of brought. Also: broughted
"Bring it on, bitch."
"Oh, it has already been broughten."

Loosely translated:
"Because I do not like you, I invite you to fight me."
"I had already planned on fighting you."
by Coell June 29, 2005
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Another piece of retarded, backwards, street slang that is slowly helping to erode proper English usage, grammar and meaningful and intelligent communication.
"Gerunds? Subjects? Predicates? Civility? Intelligence? Nah, 'dat done broughten up to me and I not really care for it."
by The Drizzle February 3, 2005
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We have already said (or know) everything worth saying about this subject.

Expansion of the contraction "that's already been brought up."

Variant: brought
Did any one see the womens' gold medal soccer game? Wow what a game.

Broughten. We were talking about that before you came in.
by mandingoe July 28, 2004
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