A reference term for when you have a booger in your nose that is clearly visibly from the outside.
This context is found in an episode of Sex and The City.
Hey buddy, you have a bat in the cave. Need a Kleenex?
by Scott November 3, 2004
visible clumps of nose goblins, often found clinging to nasal hair.
"you need to blow your nose, you got some serious bats in the cave!!"
by pow3rzz January 22, 2007
An obvious booger in one's nostril.
While touching your own nose, you say, "Hey Pal, you got a bat in the cave."
by SlimSloomy January 6, 2005
When I was growing up: "Bats in the Cave" is when you spread a guy's shitter so you can buttfuck him but he's got a load of black dingleberries hangin' from his asshairs.
I was about to do damage to Pete's anus, but damn that dude had about a hundred hangers jangling in the wind: Bats in the Cave, dude. STANK.
u has boogers
u has bats in the cave
by ii_ishfrench December 11, 2020
A description a woman may use for being celibate or not having had sex in some time.
It's been so long since I had sex that I got bats in the cave.
by Dmented29 July 29, 2008
When you penetrate an asshole and moments after you pull out, a small piece of shit flies out like a bat coming out of a cave. Think of the shit as the bat and the asshole as the cave... bats in a cave.
Me and my girlfriend did anal lastnight and there were bats in her cave. there fore bats in a cave/
by sobbymop December 6, 2016