v. To give up to all opposition, usually in an argument.
My boss threatened to fire me so I caved to his demands.
by Limbo January 8, 2006
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The psychological need of someone to close down the window shutters, dim the lights, turn off the phone, eat junk food, surf on the internet, watch TV, listen to music and use drugs, remaining in this condition for few hours, days or weeks, into her/his flat, denying to go out or to meet anybody, like she/he is hiding into her/his own cave. Strongly connected to Minor or Major Depression and Agoraphobia.
A: Man, I haven't seen Matthew for ages! Where has he been?
B: He hasn't been out of his house for a good two weeks now, isolated, eating pizzas and smoking weed...
A: Holy molly, he's caving again...

A: What's your plan for tonight, hommie?
B: Ain't going out, I'll be caving, I need to chill and avoid socializing
by Achilles M. Peklaris September 1, 2010
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The ongoing act of giving in to something.
Person one: I know you're tempted but it's against your diet!

Person two: I'm caving, I want that chocolate cake!
by MedievalTempo April 19, 2018
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When Keine Kamishirasawa from the Touhou games transforms on the full moon, goes crazy, and rapes you in the ass with her horns.

The term's association with said ass-raping comes from a butchered English-to-Japanese machine translation where "caved!!!!" became "screwed!!!!". Used by mostly Japanese-speaking Touhou fans, but a few English-speakers have also adopted the term.
I was caved!!!! by EX-Keine last week, and I STILL can't sit down!
by QueenieZ December 8, 2009
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One's secret and warm hiding spot away from the torments of the real life. Inside the cave, one finds one's true friends, comrade and well wisher. It is a place of fun and laughter but also a place to introspect and engage in deep talks. One goes into the Cave when one wants some respite and find happiness from one's crappy life.
surge: I miss the Cave and miss my comrades.
by nigma841 January 23, 2021
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Caved on, caving on
To Cave on is commonly used meaning having a repulsive gesture and figure against being fingered(by a loved one or anyone else in particular).
He wanted to finger me but I caved on.
"Oh honey, I thought we talked about you caving on me before when I want to finger you."
They want to finger me but I always Cave on.
by mbmldn July 3, 2020
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The deepest trench of the arm pit, or under tit. In other words, when you place your arm in a certain position and flex your pectoral region, the cave will form.
Damn bro, that’s a nice cave. Definitely one of the deepest I’ve felt.
by I like dick 27 October 15, 2019
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