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The act of creating bastard children. Usually a dream of many moronic ricky-wannabee faggot dipper (thank you to EpC 2 for that; see definition for Jatt). These pagan creatures usually dream of having sex with white women very often because sometimes these dreams are better than them having to masturabate after watching their Jatt farmer friends/family working the fields.

Funnily enough many/most/all of these dipper chicken-humpers probably do not know how to engage in intercourse, unless it involves vaseline and their right hand, therefore, trying to bastardate would become rather problematic.
ohh damn, my hand ish getting berry tired, i bish i could bashtardate right about now.

first i bant to impregenate, den i bant to bashtardate.
by EpC 1 February 18, 2005
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