The immeasurably pleasurable act of destroying a mailbox using one of the following:
-The basball bat (classic, held in the hands and used to thoroughly beat the shit out of the box)

-The rock (thrown from a moving vehicle, the rock can be found almost anywhere in nature)

-The computer monitor or other electronic office equipment (hilarious reaction when old lady comes out and discovers a large screen embedded deep within her box)

-Racoon (just plain ridiculous)
So after we're done chugging this large clay bottle of XXX whiskey, lets go out bashin' for a while.
by Bark Momgaurd June 11, 2005
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To cruise to an area inhabited with prostitutes and chuck items at them, such as; eggs, milk, flour
by Rachieeeeee September 21, 2010
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the art of taking out a mosher( only one at a time as they might bash back if in a group) usually performed by chavs unable to get in da clubz for being too damn dirty
by poi February 21, 2005
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A sport in which one sneaks up on or chases down a possum and bashes it with a club like device on the head. At the end of the allotted time the team with the most possums wins. (Possum bashing can also be done in exhibition form where only one group bashes soley for the enjoyment of the sport.
Tonight were a goin' possum bashin' and tomorrow Mama is gonna make us possum stew with all our killins.
by Thomas Jude March 03, 2008
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longboarding or skateboarding and hangin out with your friends
screw school screw work, just keep on thrashin
forget that crap, were bro bashin!
by Big Willy Style May 31, 2007
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