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females (the gash refers to the hole in the southern regions of a woman). its a very insulting and crude way of talking about bitches
me and my mans are going out with some gash tonight
by raned December 04, 2003
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Joe: my mom died yesterday

John: bruuhh

Joe: Yo my mom just won million dollars

John: bRuHhh

Joe: my mom made dinner for us
John: bruh
by I eat forks with noodles October 30, 2019
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Womens cricket series between England and Australia.
Looks like Australia are going to win back The Gashes this summer.
by FuzzyT August 17, 2015
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a woman with gonorrhea, aids, syphillis, and herpes
Mikey, that girl's got The G.A.S.H. She's gonna get real fat eatin' all them pizza and pancakes.
by Tom Jesus September 07, 2005
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