An academically disabled individual that is most always short in stature, being larger than a midget, yet shorter than the average human being.
I'm driving to work this morning and a fucking bartlett cuts me off. It could hardly see over the dash board.
by Willis Shepherd August 22, 2008
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anything small or insignificant, yet still annoying enough to get under your skin so that you define it urbandictionary.com
N.B. the only way to destroy someone this bad is by fire!
'hey look at that kid he is well bartlett'
'the iPod nano is bartlett'
by THE FACE! January 04, 2006
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That kid just recited an entire friends episode, he is a fucking Bartlett.

Often used as an insult or to describe the runt of the litter.
by Colin Fudge March 12, 2012
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