A polite way of sexual expression directed towards any female with a big ass that is typically mumbled to ones self or in the proximity of a fellow perv.
Craig: Damn. Look at her over there
J Love: Awwwrightttt!
Craig: She's keeping it THICK.
J Love: She's keeping it REAL.
Craig: She's keeping it REAL THICK!
J Love: Hell ya!

J Love: Cut me a piece.
by Juan Nutt August 27, 2015
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when someone cuts you off, for example, you were friends, best friends, then he/ she stops talking to you.
“Why did you cut me off?”
by VscoSkrrSkrr June 22, 2020
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Hurt my feelings, Taking the insult (or comment to heart)
Man: Yo man you stink

Friend: Dude that cut me deep
by Carlos Fernandez August 2, 2008
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(verb) Term used to ask someone to contact you by phone, e-mail, etc...
by Francisco Javier Benavides April 19, 2011
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To have a child go cut a switch from a hickory tree branch or similar to be used for spanking said child.
I told you not to do that! Now go cut me a hickory!
by carbonatedsoda December 21, 2010
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