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*refer to the commonly abused and potentially dangerous "coricidin cold and cough"
*normally over six of these are taken to achieve a "high"
*DXM is the chemical that cause this
*this high is similar to being stoned after eating marijuana
*some risks are...
-fucked up liver
-heart attacks and or heart problems
-coma and even DEATH
*triple c's aka
-red devils
yo, they took away he triple c's from the pharmacy cause we kept bying them all.
by qtiptt May 1, 2007
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*way past high!!
*being stoned after intoxication of high quality (H.Q.)marijuana is a state of mind where...
-time skips,
-laughing is impossible to resist,
-evrything is like a dream,
-you get big time munchies,
-usually be paranoid that your porch lights are cops,
-everything is an amazing expieience,
-riddles and math confuse the hell out of you,
-first timers expierience the fear of being stoned forevr,
-but remember just enjoy it bcause i will soon end.
alex was so stoned that he layed down and cryed
by qtiptt May 1, 2007
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*really anxious and excited about something
tom was stoked to go to the new skatepark's grand opening.
by qtiptt May 1, 2007
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*2mg xanax pills, may be prescribed for some with
"general anxiety disorder.
*they are illegal if purchased without a prescription.
*the side effects of xanax, leave you feeling layback, happy ("drunk"), with loss of memory, loss of perseption, loss of motor control skills, and give some
"the munchies."
*bars are also known as...
-double g's
-totem poles
-happy pills
bob said to tom...
"i had some bars before school today and i can't remember
sh!t, u got the homework?"
by qtiptt April 30, 2007
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