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The life story a person tells when he or she gets intoxicated. This story is often long and awkward for those listening.
Man, Jenny got so drunk last night I got her entire alcobiography. I totally didn't need to know about her 37 one-night-stands.
by JuniperPaw November 15, 2010
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A term used in the Southeast U.S. to describe arrogant, redneck fans of the University of Alabama football program. Most bammers have never set foot on the school's campus, much less taken a class or graduated from there, and don't care about any sport other than football. A bammer usually can't tell you anything about the University of Alabama unless it is football related. More intelligent bammers may know that the school is in Tuscaloosa, but don't count on it. Despite having absolutely no affiliation with the school besides liking their football team, bammers use the word "we" when talking about Bama football. They will also pick a fight over "their" school, especially if you talk smack about Bear Bryant. Bammers have a deep-seated hatred for Auburn football, often referring to anyone affiliated with Auburn as a "barner," and are very sore losers. You are most likely to find bammers in trailer parks, and in line to collect either unemployment or welfare.
No, he didn't even graduate high school. He's just a bammer.
by JuniperPaw November 11, 2010
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A term used to describe fans and/or alumni of Auburn University. The term originated, in part, from the fact that Auburn University is located in a more rural area of Alabama and has a large Department of Agriculture. Additionally, former University of Alabama head football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant referred to Auburn as a "cow college." Since Bryant is a god of sorts to most Alabama Crimson Tide football fans, this solidified the term. It is important to note that this term is most often used by Alabama football fans who couldn't tell you anything about the school unless it is football-related.
I was gonna take that minimum wage job in the city, but when I found out the company's owned by a stinking barner, I decided to just stay on unemployment.
by JuniperPaw November 10, 2010
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