A person who would like to be different from how they are at present.
Typically, such persons would like to become famous, or admired by the world at large.
Often, they are aspiring pop vocalists or instrumentalists, or performing artistes of some kind.
At today's auditions, the waiting area was crowded with wannabees.
by Norman Wannabee May 20, 2005
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People trying to hard to be cool (see tryhard)
Often pretending they know heaps about a certain subject when they don't.
In my opinion all the "Britney" fans and those boy bands, just coz they can't play Reeeeeeeel music.
"Omg, katey is just a wannabee, i mean look at what she's wearing, it bearly covers her g-string"
by tr*ipp*er September 28, 2005
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Someone who sees someone cool and then wants to be exactly like them
a person trying to be goth/scene/emo whatever...
There are a numer of these people at my school. They are all thirteen, they all have sidepartings and they all love HIM and bullet for my valentine. They all have stupid pictures of themselves looking shocked and pathetic and they all slit their wrists because someone who isnt a wannabee totally pwns them. A wannabee usually goes to see one band in there life, and that band wil always be my chemical romance.
wannabee: OMGF!!! my mum wont let me dye ma hair </3 </3
mcr fo lyfe!!!: *gasp* *hand over mouth* omg./ wat u gonna do?
wannabee: well when this girl is so totally wanna bum wasnt allowed she totally slit her wrists!
mcr fo lyfe!!!: lolz! that will so totally show them
by lol@aids December 9, 2006
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many people are called wanabees but the biggest wanabees are people that dont accept other people and slag them off. These people that call other bands fakers or sell outs are the wanabees if they were normal they would just accept other music styles. They try hard to show other people that only the music they like is good and any other band is crap. No band is trying to be anything they're just doing what they do and most of them don't care if they're punk or goth or whatever. They just play what they believe in.These people wanabee cooler than others and so it is the people that enjoy the music and accept and appreciate other music that arent the wanabees, however much you call them that
1: OMG will you turn off that crap music you wanabee goths
2: i dont wanabee a goth im just enjoyin good music
by music enjoyer March 21, 2005
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A negative phenomenon where foreigners who go to Asia try to look like ancient Japanese Samurai by growing their hair to long lengths, and tying it in a bun at the back (possibly with a lock or two of hair loose for shock affect). They do this because they are confused about their own identity and are actually shallow enough to think that you can become something in complete essence by merely duplicating what it looks like. It is also generally accompanied by growing aesthetically repulsive amounts of stubble with a smile/sneer and *I'm cool attitude*.
Man I can't believe that clown! He comes walking into here looking like a Samurai Wannabee and actually managed to pick up that chick! That guy is such a fake!
by Babo Sang Pyo December 13, 2005
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An 'indie wannabee' is someone who wants to be 'indie' In most cases, these people were chavs before, going around getting off with every single lad in school and the all of a sudden, just to fit in with everything else, they claim to be 'indie'
These wannabee's try way too hard. The whole indie look is supposed to be laid back and not put on at all, whereas these wannabee's try way hard with their matching pumps, cardigans and highwaisted shit. Honestly, they need to get back into their 'ecko tracksuits' and stop trying to be indie.
Many 'wannabee indie kids' from the Coventry area, also known as Chaventry, claim to like The Enemy, a local indie rock band. Just because they like The Enemy, this apparently makes the all indie cindys. No, it doesn't. They need to be told.
"You wannabee indie cindys, please fuck off back to your street corner smoking your roll ups and drinking your wkd. You are not indie and never will be, no matter how hard you try, alright!?"
Dee: "I'm a right indie cindy, I am."
Elle: "You're chav turned indie wannabee, actually. You try too hard!"
Dee: Nawww shat ap I iz well indie I iz!"
by theannoymouskid August 8, 2008
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A man who desires to be a woman. A transexual who would like to convert or become a woman/female. May crossdress, may not. It can be someone who desires sex change surgery or one who is soon to be getting it done.
by ..MIKE TODD REHMEYER... April 21, 2008