to attach or adhere to something (can be either literal or figurative), like the crustacean of the same name that attaches itself to the hull of a ship
“I walked into one of those high-end stores on Rodeo Drive and I was amazed at how few products were on display. The floorspace was wide open. I guess they need all that open room to house the army of sales associates that stand ready to barnacle their lips to your keister.”
by goose_on_a_roof August 27, 2022
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1. A small marine organism with a shell that clings to rocks and ships.
2. A clinging or dependent person or thing
3. A large zit or scab
4. An exclimation used by Sponge Bob Square Pants meaning "shit" or "fuck"
1. Based on the number of barnacles stuck to this sunken ship, I deduce that it must have been here for a while.
2. God, I hate Henry! The little barnacle won't leave me alone!
3. Did you see the barnacle on Lisa's face?! It was huge!
4. Patrick: "I'm not actually gay, Sponge Bob."
Sponge Bob: "Oh barnacles!!"
by D-Vo January 21, 2006
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A slut or a person who has multiple sexual partners. Biologically speaking, a barnacle can mate with multiple partners at the same time through the use of tentacles.
Mary - "Lucy just got with 5 boys at once. She's such a barnacle."
by lols_royce January 31, 2010
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Any clingy drunk at the bar who insures your misery by talking your ear off about the most inane shit you can imagine. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and leave them talking to your friends.
"Oh, shit. Here comes Kelly. Can't wait to listen to that barnacle talk about used Telecasters for 6 hours. Pardon me, I have to go to the bathroom."
by Moonwtrash October 13, 2008
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An act in which a man masturbates on a bed, and just before ejaculating, jumps up and shoots his sticky goo-nuts to a ceiling. Bonus points if the semen dangles from the ceiling and stays there.
"Yo dude. I just barnacled Jimmy's room."
"That's going to suck when he comes home..."
by Justin Herbert January 10, 2009
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Noun - A clingy significant other, or person in general giving unwanted attention and closeness. May be used as a general derogatory term for whoever a person is dating.
"Robin's calling -again-? Sheesh, what a barnacle."
by Imbrii June 7, 2005
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1. A major zit infestation
2. An exclamation used by Spongebob Squarepants
1. Bradley has a barnacle problem. Did you see that really green one on his chin?
2. Oh barnacles, Patrick!
by Krazy K October 20, 2003
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