26 definitions by Krazy K

Watch it man. If you sit on the shitter too long...some major anus boils with fall out of your ass!
by Krazy K December 29, 2003
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1. The French number three
2. Number three in reference to bodily functions (i.e. i have to go number 1)
1. Un, Deux, Trois...(1, 2, 3...)
2. I need to take a major trois! It's starting to prairie dog!
by Krazy K October 20, 2003
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a particularly nasty smelling fart that lingers in the room for several minutes after being emitted from the anus; flatulence
Evonna has some major swamp gas today! She farted over five minutes ago and I can still smell it!
by Krazy K December 22, 2002
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another name for a fuzzy naval; often used by drunk people who don't know what the heck they are trying to order.
Hey Mack! Let's get another round of hairy buttholes for me and my friends!
by Krazy K October 20, 2003
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to laugh loudly, somewhat like a donkey
What are you heehawing about? My joke wasn't that funny!
by Krazy K December 1, 2002
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That guys has a serious case of hemorrhoids! I'm talking those anus boils were falling out of his ass all over the place!
by Krazy K December 22, 2002
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