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n. An old school cutsupreme or cutlass
I can't decide should we take the box chevy or the cut dog?
by anonomus June 15, 2006
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a large person wanting to be a ninja, but knows not what a ninja wears or does
the farnarter is clueless
by anonomus January 2, 2005
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A very sweet and lovable boy,however he can suffocate you at times with his love. Handsome and kind,always means well
Girl 1-Did you see Mikhlid give roses to her!
Girl 2- Yea so cute!
by anonomus April 12, 2015
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cutey is soooooo cool he is off weebls-stuff he looks like a teletubie but he isnt i sware i love cutey he is amazing!!!!
he waves his hand and dances
by anonomus March 28, 2005
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ghetto supreme is a very bad-ass dude from da north london endz. he rollez down da endz, evisu, armani, all dat shit, he got

dont mess, when u wanna test, wid da best!!!
ohh shit, look over there, its ghetto supreme, he must be with one of his many fine ladeez rite now, and fucking one of them.
by anonomus July 2, 2004
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a term used to mask phrases or sentances that you dont want people to know about in a conversation
i met this realy ugly girl. she was hammered so i took her home and we yadayadayada... and she went home
by anonomus January 2, 2005
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