A term that originated in popular NBC television show Parks and Recreation, when Tom and Donna two financially self destructive adults that work in the Parks and Rec. Department of Pawnee, Indiana decide to spend an entire day pampering and spoiling themselves. However in the process end up destroying their bank accounts.
"Once a year Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to?"
"Treat Yo Self"
"Treat Yo Self"
"Treat Yo Self"
"Treat Yo Self"
"Fine leather goods"
"Treat Yo Self"
by LiamWisner October 14, 2017
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The act of treating ones self to something that relaxes them or that they enjoy. An example of this is used when in Parks and Recreation the TV series, Donna and Tom have a treat yo self day at the spa and mall.
Tom: You know what day it is?

Donna: Treat yo self day!!!!
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