bare usually means really or very using the language of scottish some would say. not all people use it but it can be used a lot by what we call chavs and roadmen
road man- ‘it’s bare cold outside fam’
chav- ‘you look bare ugly today luv
by banging 111 July 28, 2020
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Bare basically means a lot or really for example ..
Person 1: your bare bit.
Person 2: thanks mate.

Person 1: there’s bare people here.
person 2: I know there’s about 30,000.
by Grammarcheif May 11, 2019
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Created by William L

Standard unit of measurement for 10.
" How much piff did you pick up? "
" Bare"

( 10 grams )
by bare word creator August 30, 2014
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Essentially British slang for very.
Adds emphasis to the point you are trying to make.
Dan: I was in maccies and a fight broke out.
Josh: yoo that's bare mad that.
Dan: did you see that new club opening.
Josh: yeah it looks bare sick.
by Bodotb July 12, 2019
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