When a male's scrotum becomes chaffed and sore.
Ran five miles today, total Schaffer on my balls!
by bellamy November 13, 2013
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Another use of Google but useless information. Unreliable, false information, uncredited
Chris was going talking about how to install a car motor. Goes on and on about. Tom look over to Ryan and says "He's definitely schaffering it again"
by Tomahawkz August 23, 2021
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A member of The Lonely Island, a comedy troupe that currently works on Saturday Night Live, Akiva Schaffer writes Saturday Night Live's Digital Shorts along with Jorma Taccone. They usually have third Lonely Island member Andy Samberg as the star. Akiva Schaffer directed The Lonely Island's film: Hot Rod, and has driected a number of music videos for We Are Scientists and Eagles of Death Metal, and more, as well as SNL's digital shorts. Akiva seems to be the least known and recognized member of The Lonely Island, though he has many fans and admirers. He is also called Kiv.
Ryan:"Hey did you know Akiva Schaffer directed that one We Are Scientists music video?"

Steven: "You mean Kiv from The Lonely Island?"


Steven:"Wow that's awesome!"

Chloe: "Kiv is so dreamy."
by SobriquetLemonade August 31, 2009
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Jon Schaffer is a heavy metal guitarist and songwriter. He is the founder and only remaining original member of the heavy metal band Iced Earth. His most distinctive element of playing is his stuttering right-hand gallop which sounds like a tremendously sped up version of the 'eighth-note, two-sixteenth-notes' gallop made famous by Iron Maiden's bass player/songwriter Steve Harris. That sound cannot be
imitated by any other guitar player. When you hear Jon Schaffer, you think Iced Earth. Because Jon Schaffer IS Iced Earth.
Jon Schaffer is the guitarist for Iced Earth.
by Mike L. Richard February 9, 2008
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Medical condition of the neck resulting from prolonged periods of extreme headbanging. Symptoms include the inability to turn your head, extreme pain when nodding and occasional bleeding from the neck. Can result in surgery. Named after the first true victim, Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth
I think that Iced Earth gig gave me a bad case of Schaffer Neck.

My health insurance claim was denied because they said Schaffer Neck was a pre-existing condition.
by hhhhhaunted February 3, 2010
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is what you call someone who constantly interrupts you when you are trying to be funny.

the bald band-leader on the 'late show with david letterman' schaffer wrote the 1983 hit 'it's raining men' but is perhaps most famous for the worst segment on Letterman; 'stump the band'

Schaffer also looks like the worm in tim burtons 1996 version of 'james and the giant peach'
"shut up paul schaffer - you're ruining my act"

"someone turn of paul schaffers mike will ya"

by hartattack January 18, 2006
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Gage Schaffer is the name given to an incredibly god-like man. He who bears this name will not need to worry about life, everything will come to him simply because of the name. Women, money, luck, friends, etc. No matter what, the rare amount of people with this name wont need to worry about life because life will cater to his every need.
Guy 1: Dude that's Gage Schaffer over there isn't it?
Guy 2: Yeah it is.. better let him have sex with my girlfriend while I make him supper and light his cigarette when they are done.
Guy 1: Yep.. dude has got it made..
by Tikkitz March 31, 2011
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