False advertising of a woman's breasts making them bigger and higher.
Man, she had some nice titties until I got her home and then she took her bra off and her tits fell to her knees. I HATE push up bras!
by Guilty As Charged September 21, 2006
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to make ur boobs look better
omg she looks so damn fine she must be wearing a push up bra!
by Unknown August 16, 2003
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A life saver for any female with less than a C cup.
She's damn lucky she's wearin' that push up bra or else she'd have to go home to her vibrator tonight.
by Cahoon Clansman February 16, 2004
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-A device used by women to spread lies.
-Since most women are verbal liars, they can take lying to the next level by deceiving people of their natural physique.
-Push up bras turn mosquito bites, pimples, and pancakes into melons, mountains, and major league yabbos.
Person 1: Your grandma has huge tits!
Person 2: She wears a push up bra, it turns her tits from an A to a double D in a single bound.
Person 1: I don't care about her lies, "Whats your number granny?!"
by ManD3rp January 25, 2011
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bras which push up girls boobs making them appear perkier and bigger


kinda hot chick: hey you like my bra? its new

*pushs it up to make the boobs bounce*

very hot guy: mhhhhmmm i like what i see, how about my hands become your bra (winks seductivley)

*girl take off bra in a tease but alas THEY ARE NOT LIKE YOU THOUGHT. THEY ARE SMALL AND DROOPY*

very hot guy: you wore a push up bra you lier oh god oh jesus no thats not right

*girl proceeds to slap him and never speak again
by molont bailey September 18, 2013
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What silly little girls wear to try and make them selves look like they have boobs when really, once you in clip that bra there is nothing there
Push up bras are in most girls facebook photos
by KyleeYoung1999 November 23, 2014
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The term used to describe a lesbian woman, who uses a man to look straight. Female equivalent to a gay man using a woman as a beard.
Isn't she gay?
Yeah, he's just her push up bra.
by harle August 17, 2012
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